the penalties of heartbreak

We have all been heartbroken before and I am currently going through a little heartbreak of my own. Usual story, good guy gone bad. What’s new! I was so tempted to wallow in self-pity and I did for a few days. When we are sad or depressed we tend to make bad decisions especially those related to taking care of ourselves. We eat more junk food, we lose the motivation to cook…exercising becomes a myth. I went through all that…all I wanted was a bottle of wine and some sad love songs to keep me company! I was avoiding going through the pain and self-medicating with booze whilst ignoring my routines was the worst decision I could make for myself.

But 3 days into my drinking and crying binge, I gave myself a good pep talk. I could not change the past and I could not reverse what had happened…but I could let it make me stronger, focus more of my energy on the future and what I could change here and now, today. I became angry and resilient. My anger (probably a stage of the grief process I was going through) gave me the push I needed to go for a run. I thought if I can do 20mins of exercise and push my body then I might feel better. I had a lot of negative energy in me that needed a release. Running released endorphines which are a hormone that increases your levels of happiness. I felt better instantly and running gave me something to take my mind of the obsessive thoughts that had built up as a result of the breakup.

I also realised that by working out and not eating myself to death, I was helping tone my body and keep myself looking the fine and sexy woman I am! I guess the next time my ex sees me he will be surprised I look so amazing after our breakup and all those happy hormones will have me feeling great..I hope he comes up with a list of regrets after that encounter!

Don’t get me wrong, going through the grieving process after a broken relationship is important for your emotional well-being, but why not help yourself cope through it better with exercise. Take a walk, run, breathe, stretch, meditate. Do something other than reach for that second glass of wine and box of tissues!

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